JerseyNet, New Jersey’s Public Safety Network

New Jersey's Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (OHSP) will implement deployable networks for the public safety community in 3 service regions within the State utilizing System on Wheels (SOWs) and Cells on Wheels (COWs). New Jersey will purchase deployable assets equipped with microwave backhaul. Satellite will also be utilized on the corresponding SOWs. New Jersey will position a portion of those assets in ready standby for use in emergency situations. The State will include "Proof of Concept" implementations in three locations: the Route 21 Corridor in north central New Jersey, Camden in southern New Jersey, and Atlantic City on the Jersey Shore.

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JerseyNet will give first responders in New Jersey the technology they need to do their jobs. It will ensure our public safety community is equipped with situational awareness to an unprecedented level. This includes live video feeds from security cameras, remote access to records, and access to missing persons photos all in the field. This LTE Public Safety Broadband network will enhance New Jersey’s first responders situational awareness keeping our citizens safe.

-Chris Rodriguez, Director Office of Homeland Security & Preparedness

JerseyNet will be a game-changer for public safety in our state. It will ensure that our first responders finally have a secure, resilient and sustainable broadband network that can deliver remote, mobile, mission-critical capabilities such as real-time video, sharing of crime information, and incident scene mapping. JerseyNet will also ensure that our public safety personnel can communicate with each other not only statewide, but nationwide--regardless of jurisdiction or public safety discipline. In short, JerseyNet will usher in a new era of communications capabilities that help protect lives and property in the Garden State.

- E. Steve Emanuel, Chief Information Officer, New Jersey Office of Information Technology